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DJ 5am a.k.a. P-Nut

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Have been recording some mixes matched to the workouts at my local OrangeTheory studio. Some great workout music to exercise to!

If you are on an iOS device, you can download the music by clicking on the Download links below and then the share icon within Safari () and scroll to Save To Files where you can select where to save it. Otherwise on a computer, right click on the Download link and select Save Link As.
OrangeTheory Port Washington's Danielle Conte 90 minute mix 3G - 2024-04-06
!! NEW !!
(320Kb/s - 87min, 210Mb)
OrangeTheory Port Washington's Xmas Eve mix 2G - 2023-12-24
(320Kb/s - 59min, 142Mb)
OrangeTheory Port Washington's Xmas Eve mix 3G - 2023-12-24
(320Kb/s - 60min, 144Mb)
OrangeTheory Port Washington's 5th Birthday mix - 2023-06-08
(320Kb/s - 59min, 142Mb)
OrangeTheory Jermain's In Memoriam class mix - 2022-12-02
(320Kb/s - 59min, 147Mb)
OrangeTheory 90 minute mix - 2022-04-16
(320Kb/s - 86min, 206Mb)
OrangeTheory Xmas Party Mix - 2021-12-23
(320Kb/s - 60min, 141Mb)