The St. George's Day mixes


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In the mid 2000's I threw a bunch of St. George's Day parties in NYC at bars I hired out for ex-pats. Here is a selection of music I put together for the 2006 shin-dig.

If you are on an iOS device, you can download the music by clicking on the Download links below and then the share icon within Safari () and scroll to Save To Files where you can select where to save it. Otherwise on a computer, right click on the Download link and select Save Link As.
2006 - Mix 1
(VBR - 78min, 107Mb)
2006 - Mix 2
(VBR - 80min, 99Mb)
2006 - Mix 3
(VBR - 79min, 108Mb)
2006 - Mix 4
(VBR - 77min, 99Mb)
2006 - Mix 5
(VBR - 77min, 108Mb)