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For the Flumps (the cute and cuddly things from the 80s) check this out.

The 80s and thx

This will eventually, when time permits (!) be a Flumps shrine! In the meantime, why don't you visit a related site 80s Nostalgia.

IP address database (no longer available

But if you are interested in 9+ years old data, click here

Security Resources

I've moved the security related pages to this new location (IE vulnerabilities and Links).


On the side, I like to DJ (or spin in American) and regularly post tracks I like (Friday tuneage!). You can find the list of my tips and mixes here!

Applescripts for OSX

I have been hacking around with Applescript on OSX to get iTunes to do some stuff it *should* do out of the box.

MP3 Tagging tools

Here's a couple of PERL scripts I have written to help with some tagging issues I have been having. You can find them here.

ReadyNAS NV+ addons

Here's a couple of addons I created for my NV+ and am sharing them. You can find a newer version of OpenSSH and Samba than is in RAIDiator 4.1.6 here.