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ReadyNAS add-ons for the NV+ (Sparc)

Given that the NV+ runs on a Sparc processor, owners who want to upgrade software on it better hope that it's pre-compiled in the Debian apt repositories otherwise it's a royal pain in the rear end to compile stuff.

I have released a couple of addons to upgrade the version of OpenSSH within RAIDiator to 5.2 and another to upgrade Samba to 3.3.7.

These were all built under a QEMU environment provided by Netgear and is available here. I used QEMU on Windows so you will need the OpenBIOS file below as well (Windows only). For other platforms hosting QEMU, please take a look at OpenBIOS.

OpenBIOS for Sparc 32 bit guest, running on a Windows QEMU host.


You need this for the QEMU environment to boot if you are running QEMU on Windows. Place this in the directory where you installed QEMU.

OpenSSH 5.2

download | Readme (please do before installing!) | How I built this addon

The rationale behind this was to provide a more up to date and secure version of OpenSSH for ReadyNAS NV+ users. Having said that, shell code for the Sparc processors in these units is probably near on impossible to come by.

Samba 3.3.7

download | Readme (please do before installing!) | How I built this addon

I created this addon because I moved to Windows 7 and use my NV+ as a NT4 Primary Domain Controller. Windows 7 will not login to Samba as a NT4 PDC unless Samba is 3.3.7 or above, plus some other registry tweaks (see the readme for all the gory details!)